“Does the Florida education system directly impact this voting debacle?” – Florida Live 11/13/18

On today’s edition of Florida Live, host Dan Maduri discusses the newest developments with the recount happening in Broward and Palm Beach counties.  Breaking news during the show, a Leon County circuit judge has ruled in favor for a recount extension to November 20 for the Senate, Governor, Agriculture Commissioner, and State House District 89 races.  What does this mean, who does this help?  Dan has all the answers for you.

Matt Dixon of Politico joins the program to discuss the recount, impact of this mess and more.

With all these ballots brought in to question over not being able to fill in the bubble, much like a scantron test almost everyone has taken while in school, raises the question “Does the Florida education system to blame for this?”

Do you believe in aliens?  UFO’s?  Dan delves into the audio of an Irish airline pilot conversing over to air traffic control about seeing bright lights streaking through the air at phenomenal speeds.

Dan takes calls from listeners, allowing them to voice their opinion on a variety of issues discussed today, including the recount, Florida education system and more.

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