“Did President Trump Destabilize The United States With Help From Russia?” – Florida Live 1/14/19

On today’s edition of Florida Live, host Dan Maduri discusses a variety of topics that took place over the weekend.  He touches on the latest news of the shutdown, TSA and their “hardships” plus a food bank setting up meals for Tampa International Airport’s TSA.  Would you have a plan in place if this happened to you?  Are you a so called “doomsday prepper?”

Judge Dick Greco Jr. filed for mayor of Tampa. He joins the race in the equivalent of the ninth inning. After retiring as a Hillsborough County circuit judge in 2017, he floated the idea of running and the time has come nearly two years later. Find out what his vision is for the city of Tampa in this interview with host Dan Maduri.

Juventus superstar and Portuguese national Cristiano Ronaldo has been told he needs to provide a DNA sample to Las Vegas Police Department in relation to a 2009 rape allegation made by a woman.

A Texas woman made  a Facebook comment relating to someone shooting President Trump in between the eyes and calling it a day.  As standard protocol, Secret Service payed a visit to this woman’s residence where she had her son recording the encounter as she acted like a toddler when asked standard questions relating to her statement.

Another day, another Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez statement toward the President.  Find out what she claimed, and better yet, President Trump’s response.

All this and more on today’s edition of Florida Live.

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