Dan Maduri: “Is the illegal alien being used as a pawn for the SOTU?”

On today’s edition of Florida Live host Dan Maduri discusses the health risks of being in the cold as much of the United States is currently enduring.  Dan talks West Tampa redevelopment and how they are kicking residents out to make room.

A 19 year-old, University of Central Florida student was arrested after police found an AR-15 in his car.  Although, they do not believe he was going to use it maliciously.

Starbucks’ baristas have been instructed on how to deal with a person confronting them about their former CEO Howard Schultz and his ambitions of running for President in 2020.

New Jersey democratic representative Bonnie Watson Coleman made headlines as she invited an illegal alien to the State Of The Union speech on February 5.  Does this individual realize she is being used as a political pawn?

Freelance Journalist Mikael Thalen joins Dan Maduri on Florida Live to discuss his recent findings of “deepfakes”.  Mikael found an online community that makes high quality fake videos. Should you be alarmed by this? Will this influence future political elections?

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