Consider the Source When it Comes to Hulk Hogan

TAMPA – Hulk Hogan felt compelled to defend his name against racism claims but he set himself up for failure. Hulk now is not just being called a racist but, during an interview on GMA, has defined South Tampa as a place where racism thrives.

This has left his home town scrambling trying to defend the area against Hulk’s claims. It has left the ex-Hall of Fame wrestler without the backing of his local town.

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There is starting to be a new trend where private conversations are now free game. They are posted to the internet where the court of public opinion judges, convicts and executes the perpetrator.

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The ripple effect on society will be that no one will have unguarded conversations. People will be more callous towards one another and always sizing people up. It will create voids in human interaction.

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Little mini politicians we will all become. Guarded comments, no real friends, couching responses and always being politically correct.

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