Apple Has the Audacity to Invoke the Founding Fathers

APPLE – As they defy the government in its legitimate attempts to get information from the phone of the San Bernardino shooter, Apple is now saying that the founding fathers would be appalled by the FBI’s attempt to do its job. That’s rich – the government, in one of the few times that it’s followed the rules set out by the Constitution to obtain anti-terror information is being blocked by a tech company that’s more concerned with its public image than public safety. Apple should take a step back.

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That apple should wrap itself in the flag and the Constitution is ridiculous. At every turn it sells out the US. They make their phones in China with child labor. They import foreign tech workers to displace higher cost domestic workers using H1B visas. And last I checked, they had $200 billion dollars overseas they’re refusing to bring back to the US to be taxed, even though they owe their existence to America.

Apple, save the patriotic speeches for the John Birch Society! If you’re so patriotic, stop taking your customers’ data at every opportunity. Big brother isn’t any friendlier just because he’s wearing a turtleneck.

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