Apple Aiding Terrorism, Encouraging Domestic Attacks

SILICON VALLEY – The precedent that Apple is trying to establish is dangerous. They are aiding global terrorism by not helping the FBI break into San Bernardino terrorist iPhone. The FBI went through proper process by including the courts and taking months to file the proper paperwork. This is not a civil liberties issues, its a national security one.

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Sales spike in Syria. Every Mohammad now knows that Apple has their back and they are aiding global terrorism. As long as they are not providing the government with a skelton key to all phones, there is no problem. For once the government has done the right thing and they should be supported.

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If Apple wants to go this way the Federal Government should review the “terms and agreement” they make users sign prior to updating their devices.  Apple either gives the FBI the information off the terrorist phone or there should be a bill on POTUS’s desk tomorrow forcing Silicon Valley to limit terms and agreements down to 140 characters.

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