America Asking the Wrong Question in Combatting Domestic Terrorism

CHATTANOOGA – Extremist Islamic terrorist Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez didn’t cut ties from his Middle Eastern past. He allowed himself to be influenced by radicals and carried out a horrific attack.

American soldiers should be armed domestically. The sad fact is that they are as much of targets domestic as they are aboard. But it is back ground noise to the fundamental question of; how do you stop young Islamic men from continuing ties to radicals in the Middle East?

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The media has handled this particular event in almost a whisper. Terrified to call it a terrorist attack. Did not want to mention Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez by name. And continue to further the idea of “tolerance” and how people shouldn’t allow themselves to buy into the fear-mongering.

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Islam is sparking conflicts all over the world but other leaders handle these attacks differently then America. Putin would dig a mass grave and eliminate everyone in a village. The French went in a grocery store hostage situation with guns blazing. But America goes out of their way to not label Islam as a violent religion. This forces people to take sides. Hatred and Islamophobia grows.

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Line in the sand. Are you confident your government has your back?






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