“A wall will not work” – Florida Live 1/21/19

On today’s edition of Florida Live and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, host Dan Maduri discusses the St. Pete police saying they will not use yellow crime scene tape for the MLK day parade.  Instead, they will use blue tape to not offend residents into thinking it’s a crime scene.  Are people being offended easier this day in age?

Dan covers the Covington Catholic video story and how it was reported falsely largely across mainstream media.  Of course, they have to issue corrections but this goes to show how “journalists” no longer wait to gather all the facts and then tell the story but grab what they want and report it with an angle.  Is this instance the definition of fake news?

Homeless college students in California is a problem.  Does the education system need to be revamped as far as tuition?  Does it even make sense anymore to put yourself in a student debt hole and try to work your way out before you die?

All this and much more on today’s edition of Florida Live.

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