15 Foot, 800 Pound Gator Found, Of Course It Had to Die

FLORIDA – A massive alligator – nearly 800 pounds in weight – was found in Okeechobee Florida. This is the sort of thing that you would see in the weekly world news. The sad part of the story is that it was eating a farmers cattle and so what did the enlightened people out in Okeechobee do? They killed it, of course.

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Why does the natural recourse to a thread have to be to kill something? In a situation like this, wouldn’t it have been better to call animal control and have the authorities bring it to a nature preserve of some kind? Surely, this must be a record sized gator. Shouldn’t it be saved for science instead of destroyed?

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The problem with too many of our fine, upstanding residence in this state is that they have no concern for the future. They can only see an immediate threat and must act to destroy it. If the Loch Ness monster showed up in a swamp today, it would probably be machine-gunned by a friendly, neighborhood redneck.

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