Wide-Reaching Friday From Florida Live

On today’s edition of Florida Live, Dan Maduri discusses everything from USPS employees becoming drug smugglers to a 26.2-mile marathon in Antarctica.

What are your thoughts on transgenders being in the military?  Dan breaks down every angle and possibility along with listeners calling in voicing their opinions.

Robert Felix joins Florida Live host Dan Maduri to discuss his findings through NASA research, claiming there could be a “Mini Ice Age” happening anywhere from a few months from now and could last about 50 years. The two discuss how it would affect Florida along with the rest of the United States.

Patrick Clark of Bloomberg Business joins Dan Maduri to discuss Marriott’s database being hacked. The timeline goes back to 2014, which is alarming. Over 500 million people were affected. Get brought up to speed with all the facts on the matter and to find out if you are one of the victims.

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