Zimmerman Wants Martin School Records

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) _ Former neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman wants to use the school records of Trayvon Martin as part of his defense strategy.
 Zimmerman’s attorney said Friday that he has sent subpoenas to the schools attended by the 17-year Miami-area teen.

The subpoenas request disciplinary notices, suspension notices and tardiness records, among other things.
 Zimmerman is charged with second degree murder for fatally shooting Martin during a confrontation in a gated community in Sanford last February.

Zimmerman is pleading not guilty, claiming self-defense.
The delay in Zimmerman’s arrest led to nationwide protests.
The request for school records indicates Zimmerman may try to portray Martin in an unflattering light as part of his defense strategy.
 Shortly before coming to Sanford for a visit, Martin had been suspended from school for tardiness.