You’ve Never Seen Pancakes Like These


People can do some truly amazing things for the purpose of art and entertainment.

Nathan Shields, a math teacher and illustrator from Washington, and his kids have a website specifically for their love of making pancakes. In honor of what would seem like The Walking Dead premiering on Sunday night, (or maybe it’s just a coincidence), he and his kids made a couple of zombie pancakes.

But he doesn’t stop with zombies. He has made anything from actors to Disney characters to just simple animals. You name it, he’s probably got it.

Starting with a basic design, he fills in the outline of the object with pancake mix and flips it. Once the pancake is flipped, you can see the image. After that, he adds jam to the cooked pancake for the blood effect.

But to get REALLY detailed with it, they have some stencils with powdered sugar for depth.