Young People May Have Spine, Neck Problems Caused By iSlouch

iSlouch_2013Doctors have found another way our electronic devices may be detrimental to young people’s health. iSlouch is the term coined to describe the act of smartphone and tablet users  straining their necks and spines by looking down at their devices. In an interview with Bay News 9, Dr. Matt Herba a chiropractor based in Winter Springs stated, “Studies now show that as the head starts to go forward, it can add up to 10 pounds of pressure to the spine.”

The damage for young people lies in the long-term effects. Herba said that cartilage and tissue get damaged from this constant strain and could lead to major back and neck problems in the future.

A problem stemmed from the same situation has been dubbed iGrind. iGrind is when children unknowingly grind their teeth while using electronic devices. Orthodontists suggest that parents should watch their children while using the devices so if they are at risk for either of these conditions they can correct it.

Dr. Herba believes that the easiest way to prevent these for children is to encourage them to put the devices down altogether.

“They are not getting the activity they need, and unfortunately that lack of activity is causing the degeneration early,” he said.