Ybor Installs Security Cameras & Lights to Stop Vandals

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) _ Some business owners in Tampa’s Ybor City have installed security cameras and lights in their alleyways, hoping to catch people who spray paint their buildings.

Tampa police say the businesses are “getting fed up” with people spraying graffiti on buildings in the historic district.

Many have recently added lights and cameras.

The Tampa Tribune (http://bit.ly/IgtZbv ) reports police hope the effort sends the message to the spray-painting vandals.

King Corona Cigars owner Don Barco says he takes “great umbrage when somebody has the gall to do graffiti” on someone else’s property.

Tampa Officer Sean Mahabir warns graffiti artists police and business owners are taking vandalism seriously.

He says the cameras will shoot “good pictures” of anyone who spray paints a building.