Woman Stabs Housemate Over Nonstop Eagles music

Eagles_2013So much for “Peaceful Easy Feeling.”

North Charleston, South Carolina, police say a woman is charged with cutting her housemate with kitchen knives because he wouldn’t stop playing music by the classic rock band The Eagles.

The 54-year-old woman was arrested early Tuesday and booked on “criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.” In plain language, cops say she knifed the victim — her former boyfriend — because he wouldn’t stop playing the band known for hits including “Hotel California,” “Heartache Tonight” and “Desperado.”

The 64-year-old victim suffered lacerations on an arm, elbow and hand, police said in a report, but was not seriously injured.

The man was listening to The Eagles when his housemate told him she didn’t want to hear the band anymore, according to police. Their disagreement quickly escalated when the victim told the woman to “shut up,” police said.


Source: CNN