Woman Attacks Young Family for Using Food Stamps

WALMART – A woman was caught on a video which has gone viral chewing out a young man using food stamps at a Wal Mart. She went off on an explative-laden tirade that he should not even be using food stamps. What were the offending items in his basket? Milk and cereal. Presumably, those had been chosen to feed his kid, who heard every foul word she uttered.

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First, she was wrong to unleash this tirade in front of his kid. Such a paragon of moral rectitude who’s offended by someone on welfare should have more consideration for the tender ears of a child. But even if the kid hadn’t been there, it was rude to shame him publicly.
But rudeness aside, there’s a sentence that Jesus uttered that should apply to her: “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” If you’re going to pass judgement on people,, expect to be judged by others in return. You’re telling me this woman or anyone in her family has never and will never fall on hard times and require public assistance? She’ll never use food stamps, never use Medicare, never use Social Security? It’s absurd. We have food stamps because we understand that people occasionally need help that charity won’t cover. While some people abuse the system, this young man was clearly not one of them. The vast majority are willing to work and just trying to survive. We should remember that there but for the grace of God go I. Tomorrow, we may be the ones in need.

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