Woman Arrested for Burying Husband in Back Yard

Polk County Officers arrested 64 year old Barbara Scott and charged with first degree murder Tuesday.

Sheriff Grady Judd said Scott shot her husband in the back of the head and then buried him in the couple’s back yard at 200 S. Goodman Avenue in Lake Alfred and after she buried him, she planted rosemary and parsley over the top of him.

The victim, Barbara Scott’s husband, 78 year old Benny Scott had not been heard from or seen for months.

Barbara’s daughter Sonya Braudway lives right across the street from her parent’s home and investigators say when she pressed her mother about her father’s whereabouts on March 26  Barbara confessed.

Sheriff Grady Judd says Barbara told her, ‘Well he fell in the shower and died in early January and I planted him in the herb garden.’

Judd says as Barbara’s daughter drove her to the Lake Alfred Police Department to turn herself in Barbara’s story continued to change. He says she implied that Benny took his own life.

When the crime scene evidence technicians dug his body up they found that Benny had been shot once in the back of the head, wrapped in a tarp, with a plastic bag over his head and his hands and feet were bound.

He was found in a hole he says about 2 feet deep.

Sheriff Judd believes she just got tired of taking care of him because his failing health.