Man Charged With Attempted Murder

Attempted Murder

A Winter Haven man has been arrested for robbery and attempted murder after he took a woman’s purse and strangled her unconscious.

The incident happened on Wednesday at approximately 2:00 a.m. The victim had been stranded by friends at a local bar when she began walking to a friend’s house.

She stopped at Sertoma Park, located at 1569 Lake Shipp Drive S. in Winter Haven, to use the restroom and charge her cell phone. When she exited the restroom, she was approached by 22-year-old Bradley Dugan of Winter Haven, who demanded her cell phone and purse.

The victim pleaded with Dugan for her belongings to which Dugan motioned towards the bathroom entrance with a smirk on his face asking, “You want your stuff?”

The victim took this gesture as a sexual proposition and began to walk off. Dugan then stopped the victim by standing in front of her, wrapped something around her neck and began strangling her until she blacked out.

When the victim regained consciousness, Dugan was standing above her and then walked away.

A witness approached police later in the morning identifying Dugan as the man he had met at the park earlier to talk with. Dugan left the witness, empty handed, to use the restroom. The witness heard Dugan and a female speaking about her phone and purse. When Dugan returned to the car, he was carrying a handbag. Dugan and the witness left the park to visit friends where Dugan attempted to sell prescription pills and women’s jewelry.

Police responded to Dugan’s home where the victim was able to make a positive identification. During his arrest, two prescription bottles with the victim’s name on them, a necklace, cell phone and other items taken from the victim were located.

Dugan was transported to the Polk County Jail and booked on charges of Robbery with Firearm/Deadly Weapon (FL), Possession of Alprazolam (F3), Possession of Oxycodone (F3), Attempted Felony Murder with Weapon (FL), Possession of Prescription Drug without Prescription (M2), Possession of Drug Praphernalia/Production (M1), Violation of Probation/Community Control-Adult (F3).