Will The Democrats Sell Their Soul (And For What Price)?

By Jim Watkins

Putting partisan politics aside, let us assume that the FBI decides it has the evidence to show former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton did violate federal law by choosing (or allowing) confidential national security email to be exchanged on her private and non-secure server. Knowingly or not, Clinton exposed government secrets to our political enemies; she put the country at risk, even put lives at risk by not following security protocols she agreed to follow.

For those who would wish these things away as nothing more than a republican witch hunt, remember that former General David Patraeus was convicted of far less by the very Justice Department that now must decide if will choose to pursue legal action against the candidate it had hope to succeed President Obama, or will it allow Hillary to get a free pass for breaking the law just so it can try to preserve the Democratic party’s hold on the White House?

Most pundits and experts agree that, while Senator Bernie Sanders will simply not secure the necessary delegates to win the general election, due in part to his socialist message of higher taxes and his promise to go after the Wall Street “fat cats,” Martin O Malley doesn’t resonate with voters to any great degree either, putting the Democrats in a pickle: do they cast their lot with Hillary with the hopes people will not care about the fact that she broke federal laws, or do they pursue the right course and move forward with an indictment because it is the just thing to do– even if it means losing the White House and the presidency.

It’s a deal with the devil in that we are a nation of laws and no one is supposed to be above the law, regardless of the political gains to be made by circumventing it.

An indictment doesn’t necessarily mean conviction, but no indictment most assuredly means no conviction — and so this decision lands squarely at the door of the President who can instruct his U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to proceed with charges – or not.

If we look at past actions by President Obama, we see a clear pattern of him using (or not using) the Justice Department to further his own political gains, whether it was fast-and furious, the investigation of the Ferguson, Missouri police department or the IRS Lois Lerner scandal.

It would appear to this author that Obama will NOT indict Hillary (if the investigation of Mrs. Clinton does show a clear violation of federal law) because he really desires to hand over his legacy and his policies to a democratic president. Hillary has already stated she will continue to enlarge programs put in place by the Obama administration. The party’s sure thing is Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her supporters could give a damn that she broke the law by putting America’s national security at risk. Obama is counting on the forgiveness or the forgetfulness of the American people.

But what does it say about a party or a country that is willing to knowingly forgo due process or or shirk the law in order to maintain power? It means politicians have made a deal with the devil and they are willing to sell their souls (of doing what’s right) in order to hold on to power – even at the risk of undermining the very foundation of the country they supposedly serve.

As stated in the beginning, this isn’t a partisan issue. If Republicans were doing something of this nature, I have no doubt they would be called to task, as I am doing now. This is about a country that is willing to let lawbreakers become presidents, and it does not bode well for our moral position among the great countries of the world. It cheapens America and it gives rise to the great truth that power corrupts absolutely.

It also takes us one step closer the great fall of Western civilization. For how can a country survive for much longer when its leaders are willing to exchange power for integrity?

It’s your legacy Mr. President. It’s your call.

Jim Watkins is the host of Your Wakeup Call Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m (ET) on Tampa Bay’s News Talk Florida AM 820 News, and on NewsTalkFlorida.com