Will Prince Harry and Pippa Be Prince George’s Godparents?

PrinceHarry_PippaMiddleton_2013With the big annoucement made today that Prince George’s christening will be taking place on Oct. 23, we now have a little over a month to play the “Who Will Be the Godparents?” game.

And while Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly asked good friend Guy Pelly to be one of their son’s six godparents, that still leaves four openings.

Our two top guesses? Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton!

William and Kate are members of the Church of England (which is similar to—but not quite the same as—the Episcopalian faith). Traditionally, the godmother and godfather of their child will be present at the baby’s christening. They are also supposed to serve as a spiritual guide and support system throughout their godson’s life.

Source: E Online