Will It Be The Wave, Lens or People’s Pier?

See more of the Pier designs at www.stpete.org and let them know which one is your favorite.

The City of St. Petersburg has $50 million set aside for a new pier, but will it be The Wave, The Lens or the People’s Pier featuring the Eye?

Below is a recap of the designs released Wednesday by the three firms tasked with coming up with what the city’s landmark will look like in a few years.

The public will have the opportunity to review and comment on each design at a special exhibit at the St. Petersburg Museum of History from Dec. 6 – 30.

On Dec. 16, the design teams will also present their concepts to the Pier Jury before a final recommendation is made on Jan. 20.

The Lens by Michael Maltzan Architecture: The architects say The Lens frames the city and water and provides for a window into the water. It features a canopy that rises 90 feet into the air evoking the idea of a wave or a boat’s sail.

There are two bridges going out to the end of this pier; one along the water the other rising overhead. The center of The Lens features a 2.5-acre reef for marine life.

There’s also a harbor and boat docks. On land, the designers have proposed an amphitheater and retail space.

The cost of The Lens is estimated at $45 million with $9 million in additional options.

The Wave by BIG: The Wave is called that for obvious reasons; the pier mimics some features of a wave and at the end of the pier it disappears into the water.

This design has areas set aside for paddleboarding, a marina, a sun deck and marketplace. The approach could also include a 50-meter pool.

The signature structure itself stands almost 130 feet tall and has five levels.  Inside it has room for a possible wave machine for indoor surfing and a bubble room.

The cost of this design is listed at $50 million with a landside master that totals another $12 million.

The People’s Pier featuring the Eye by West 8 Urban Design and Landscape Architecture: The designers call this pier a mini-Copacabana that will link the public and the water. There is space on this pier for fishing and there’s also a beach surrounding the Eye.

Inside the Eye, located at the end of the pier is space for restaurants, a panorama deck which could be used for galas and also an observation area on the top level.

Cost for this design starts at $45 million but could run up to almost $94 million with all the bells and whistles.

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