Why There’s Hope For Facebook Home

Mark_Zuckerberg_2013Mark Zuckerberg insists that people still want Facebook Home. After this next shift in strategy, he may not sound so delusional.

Facebook Home, in case you need a refresher, was the social-networking titan’s big push to take over the smartphone and firmly establish its presence in the mobile world. It failed. Badly. The collection of apps that made up Home barely resonated with consumers, and the only phone to come loaded with the software, the HTC First (colloquially known as the “Facebook Phone”), was a complete flop.

After all that, it would be easy to conclude that Home is a complete failure. Indeed, Zuckerberg, during a public appearance at TechCrunch Disrupt on Wednesday, candidly confessed that he was disappointed by the reception Home has received. But disappointment and defeat are two different things, and Zuckerberg and Co. have gone back to the drawing board to diagram a new, more scaled-back plan. Facebook’s new proposition for consumers: Grab the parts of Home you want, forget the rest.

Source: CNET