When one dream ended, another was born for a compassionate voice as an attorney for the injured and the disabled

Like many children growing up, Amy Bellhorn had a self-made map of her future, one she envisioned would be etched in gold. The path of that map was interrupted with detours and led her to a new direction, which is why she understands what it is like to endure challenges created by accidents and health issues, and overcome daunting obstacles to achieve her dreams.

A horse enthusiast who had won numerous awards in competitive equestrian events, while growing up Bellhorn dreamed of riding in the Olympics. It was a passion that drove her to practice long hours every day, and ride and work as a groom hand at horse shows on the weekends.

The future she had imagined, and the life she expected to lead, abruptly changed when she was 15. Bellhorn was involved in an accident that left her with six shattered bones in her left ankle. In the hospital, the doctor told her mom that she may not walk again, let alone ride horses.

After the accident, Bellhorn endured reconstructive ankle surgeries, and she learned how to walk again over a period of more than two years with persistence, drive and tenacity though she endured severe pain. She even later walked on runways as a fashion model and earned a modeling contract. She also rode horses again and even competed. However, during that time after the accident and while healing she felt a transition and a strength growing within her.

Bellhorn understood what it feels like to be treated by others differently and not have her voice heard due to physical limitations and being treated differently because of them and having an injury. That is when she decided while being in the hospital at 15 years old to become an attorney as a voice for the injured and the disabled and treat people with sincerity, dignity and respect.

Bellhorn did feverishly begin to pursue her new dream even amidst another ankle surgery and working hard at learning to walk again while in high school. She focused on her studies and even took college courses while in high school, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology at Florida State University in 1997 and a Juris Doctor degree from Stetson University College of Law in 2000.

Besides the transition beginning from the ankle accident, the decision was reinforced after being involved in major auto accidents and sustaining injuries. After working at several law firms and a legal non-profit organization, she then founded her own law firm, Law Offices of Amy G. Bellhorn, PLLC, in 2006, based on that decision and those principles. .

“Life has not been simple, yet that should not prevent you from pursuing your dreams,” Bellhorn said. “They are just road blocks that allow you to accept where you are then you need to adapt and forge ahead.

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t capable, and no matter where you are in your life, anything is possible. After the accident and while I was healing, others may have seen me as broken or not capable because I needed to do things in my own way, but I didn’t view myself as broken and believed that I could do anything, just in my own way.” Bellhorn added. “I’m very grateful for having endured these challenges because they have allowed me to be grateful for each moment and never take anything for granted, have compassion for others, and be willing to work hard for that which I desire and help others in all things.”

Bellhorn represents clients in a variety of areas of law. She primarily represents people who are applying for or have been denied for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Child’s SSI. She also represents those who have been injured in auto accidents. Furthermore, she has the pleasure to represent people on the following: traffic tickets (criminal and civil) and DUIs, criminal defense, real estate, immigration, uncontested divorce, and wills and trusts.

Her story, and her passion for serving as a voice for the injured and the disabled, is illustrated in her law firm’s new website, www.bellhornlawfirm.com. In an effort to accommodate those that may have limitations with fatigue, pain and concentration issues due to a health condition if they have been injured or have a health condition that makes those things difficult, the website developed by Think Tank, Inc. has videos, sound bytes, access to increase the font, soothing music and background colors. It is easy to use and find answers to frequently asked questions and learn about the areas of law she practices, and it includes legal and non-legal resources for the Tampa Bay area. It also has a form for potential client’s to fill out 24/7 for each area of law for a free consultation. Also, for a free consultation they may call the office at (727) 822-7121 or email her directly at abellhorn@bellhornlawfirm.com.

For Bellhorn, she has endured and overcome challenges that have shaped her, and she is living out her dream as an attorney with her own firm, Law Offices of Amy G. Bellhorn, PLLC, as a voice for the injured and the disabled.