Wesley Chapel Students Enroll In AG Class

Wesley_Chapel_2013WESLEY CHAPEL — Every now and then, worming goats to rid them of parasites requires a little improvising and a little math.

Students in the agriculture program at Wesley Chapel High are amenable to both. They stood ready when they learned the school’s four goats needed to be weighed to make sure they received the right dose of de-worming medication.

“This is going to be tricky because we don’t have a livestock scale,” agriculture teacher Erin Farquhar said as she and the students headed outdoors to the enclosure that holds the goats — Bucky, Llama, Snow and Oreo.

That’s where the improvising came in. Farquhar brought a bathroom scale from home. Students would weigh themselves. Then they would weigh themselves again, but this time while holding a goat.

Then it was time to work the math.

Source: The Tampa Tribune