“Your Wake Up Call” Rundown, June 4th

“Your Wake Up Call” Rundown, June 4th – Good morning, folks! Here’s what we’re working on this morning, and you can hear it starting at 6 a.m.

The VA scandal takes another twist, even though it’s not getting a whole lot of press. Find out what’s happened at a St. Louis VA that has us up in arms.

More details emerge about the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, including a Taliban video showing the release. ABC News White House correspondent Ann Compton joins us to talk about the latest with Bergdahl, who remains under medical care in Germany.

Compton will also discuss President Obama’s meeting with the President-elect of Ukraine. Obama recently announced that the U.S. would send Kiev an additional $5 million in equipment.

Dan Marino has withdrawn his name from the NFL concussion suit. He said he filed a claim in the event he’d have future issues, not realizing it would automatically put him on the list. We’re not buying it. Marino reportedly has a new job in the works, and that wouldn’t sit well with his prospective employer.

Things aren’t looking so good for the Tampa Bay Rays. Dropped another game last night, making it eight in a row. Can they recover from this?

Norovirus…the nasty germ that sickened nearly 700 people on the Explorer of the Sea cruise ship — should people be worried about their upcoming vacations? Some interesting facts from the CDC involving your local restaurants may surprise you!

Some St. Petersburg teens took things a bit too far with a senior prank. Five of them have been charged with burglary, including the prom queen!

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