Your Wake Up Call Rundown July 17th

Good morning! Here’s the rundown for Thursday, July 17th for Your Wake Up Call. You can listen to the show here.

Stall Foreseen in Iran Nuclear Talks

Diplomats say nuclear talks with Iran will likely be adjourned Friday and extended past the July 20th target date for a deal. Both sides had been prepared to talk until Sunday, which had been informally set as the deadline for the negotiations, but significant differences remain. The talks are meant to result in a deal that curbs Iran’s atomic program in exchange for an end to nuclear-related sanctions on the country. At 6:55, ABC News correspondent Tom Rivers will join us.

President Obama Announces New Sanctions on Russia

New sanctions for Russia, as the evidence became clear that Russia has continuing amassing troops along the Ukraine border, and supplying pro-Russian rebels inside the country. The newly announced penalties were broad in scope, targeting a couple energy firms, a pair of big banks, some arms firms, and a few more individuals. Europe joined in the sanctions, but with a bit more restraint. The President specifically called out President Putin for not getting the message. President Obama also spoke regarding Israel and Palestine, saying the U.S. would use all diplomatic resources to stop the ongoing missile engagement, indicating an intensity in that effort over the next 24 hours. ABC News correspondent Ann Compton joins us at 7:10.

Company Building Accommodations For Your Pets

Not to worry if it’s from Standard Pacific Homes, who are building and selling homes coast to coast that include a so-called “pet suite” as an option in every one. Yes, and the amenities for your dog in its lavish 170 square foot suite include a step-in wash station, a designated drying area with a commercial sized pet dryer, a water station, automated feeders, cabinets for toys, a giant bed, and don’t forget that French door that opens to a puppy run. Oh, and we almost forgot… a giant flat-screen TV. All for just an extra $35,000 to the price of your home. But doesn’t Buster deserve it? At 7:35, ABC News correspondent Scott Goldberg joins us to discuss.

Actress Who Sent Ricin To Obama Sentenced

The actress convicted of sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama and to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been given the maximum punishment for producing and possessing a biological toxin. 36-year-old Shannon Guess Richardson might not leave prison again until she’s in her mid-50s. She told the court at sentencing that she never intended to hurt anyone. ABC’s Jim Ryan in Dallas/Ft. Worth explains what was behind the bizarre plot. At 8:10, ABC News correspondent Jim Ryan will join us.

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