Your Wake Up Call Rundown July 11th

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Latest on Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israel dramatically escalated its aerial assault in Gaza Thursday hitting hundreds of Hamas targets, and the Palestinians said a family of eight was killed in a strike that destroyed their home. Israel’s missile defense system once again intercepted rockets fired by militants at the country’s heartland. 50,000 troops mobilized, is a ground offensive in the offing? Aaron with the latest from Jerusalem. At 6:25 ABC News correspondent Aaron Katersky will join us.

Germany Outs U.S. Intelligence Official Over Spying Allegations

The German government has asked the top U-S intelligence official in Berlin to leave the country. That word comes from a lawmaker from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party. The unusual move comes in response to two reported cases of suspected U.S. spying in Germany and the year-long spat over reported NSA spying in Germany. The scandal has plunged ties between Germany and one of its closest allies to a new low following last year’s revelations from former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden about widespread surveillance of Germans, including Merkel. At 6:55 ABC News correspondent Tom Rivers will join us.

Boehner Unveils Lawsuit Against The President

The Obamacare debate is back! House Republicans took the initial step on Thursday to sue President Barack Obama over the administration’s decision to delay the employer mandate of the health care law. The office of Speaker John Boehner, released a draft of the resolution that would authorize the House to file suit amid GOP criticism that the president has declined to faithfully execute the laws of the country. At 7:10 ABC News correspondent Steven Portnoy will join us.

Mass Murder in Houston Suburb

Longtime law enforcers say they’ve never seen anything like the carnage that confronted them in a home in the town of Spring, on the outskirts of Houston. Six people, including four children ranging in age from four to 14, were shot to death late Wednesday. More details regarding the gunman and his horrendous crime, including the bravery of one of the surviving victim, are now emerging. Jim Ryan will have the latest. At 8:10, ABC News correspondent Jim Ryan will join us.

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