Your Wake Up Call Rundown July 10th


Good morning! Here’s what we’ve got scheduled for today on Your Wake Up Call. You can listen here.

President Obama Resists Calls To Visit Border

President Obama met one-on-one with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, but despite Perry’s push for the president to visit the border, decided not to, but urged the governor to get his Republican colleagues behind the spending bill to address the problem of a surge of migrant children entering the country. And there are signs, that a bipartisan bill is in the works. Meanwhile, President Obama is in Austin to talk about the economy later in the morning. At 6:25 ABC News correspondent Jim Ryan will join us.

Edward Snowden Seeks To Extend His Stay in Russia

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has formally applied to extend his stay in Russia. His Russian lawyer says he applied to migration authorities ‘a long time ago’ since his one-year permit is expiring at the end of July. Snowden was stranded in a Moscow airport last year, shortly after he revealed the NSA’s sprawling surveillance program. At 6:55 Tom Rivers will join us from London to discuss.

Senate Appropriations Take On President Obama’s Border Crisis and Request

All eyes are on President Obama’s nearly $4 billion request immigration aid request as the Senate Appropriations Committee is set to examine the appeal at a hearing Thursday. Republican leaders continue to argue the plan does not do enough to secure the border and warn the proposal fails to address the underlying issues that have led to the overcrowded detention centers in the first place. At 7:10, ABC News correspondent Steven Portnoy will join us.

Report: Colleges are doing Little To Combat Sexual Assault

A report from the office of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) says schools aren’t doing enough to comply with federal laws and respond to the problem of sexual assaults on campuses. Among the key findings: 41 percent of institutions did not conduct a single investigation of campus sexual assault in the past five years; 30 percent of law enforcement officials at the institutions received no training on responding to reports of sexual violence; and 22 percent of institutions allow their athletic departments to have oversight of sexual assault cases involving athletes. The CDC says one out of every five women reports being the victim of a sexual assault during college. At 7:35, ABC News correspondent Scott Goldberg will join us with details.

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