Your Wake Up Call Podcast, June 18th

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One of the alleged ringleaders in orchestrating the 2012 Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, Ahmed Abu Khattala, has been captured and is now in U.S. custody. Despite the fact that Khattala had openly granted interviews to the media since the attack, he had evaded U.S. capture. It’s somewhat of a feel-good story, right? Justice for the four Americans killed? On one hand, yes, but Chris and I are skeptical since it screams “PR stunt.”

The botched execution of an Oklahoma inmate seven weeks ago has brought a number of challenges over the process, yet lethal injections are scheduled this week in Florida, Georgia and Missouri. ABC News correspondent Jim Ryan joins us at 6:25 to talk about some of the issues delaying the process for many inmates, including loosely-regulated compounding pharmacies and European companies’ refusal to sell their products to the U.S.

Here in Florida, a Pasco county man, John R. Henry, 63, will be legally executed tonight at the Florida State Prison in Raiford. Henry was sentenced to death in the 1985 murder of his wife, Susan Henry, in Zephyrhills. He also killed her five-year-old son and another woman in 1976. Henry’s lawyers have argued that Henry is mentally disabled and the execution is cruel and unconstitutional. We talk about the death penalty as it pertains to the mentally-incompetent.

President Obama is still weighing the U.S.’s options for involvement in the Iraq crisis. He is set to meet with House and Senate leaders from both parties at the White House today. ABC White House correspondent Ann Compton joins us at 7:10 to discuss the situation.

We get additional insight on the Iraq crisis from ABC News correspondent Tom Rivers at 7:35. He’ll give us the latest from the battlefield, where Sunni insurgents have made major advances this week, including capturing parts of the city of Baquba, just 37 miles from Baghdad.

You remember the story about the man found cooking methamphetamine on Gandy Beach? Get this…police discovered a meth lab in a Fresno, California RETIREMENT COMMUNITY. Police searched 64-year-old Robert Short’s apartment at the California League-Fresno Village, discovering a half-pound of crystal meth with a street value of about $1,700. Police also discovered heroin and materials used to make the drugs.

Beef prices are at record highs, up 74 percent since 2009 and now causing places like Costco and Chipotle to raise their prices. ABC News correspondent Scott Goldberg joins us at 8:35 to talk about why these prices are so high and when we can expect change.

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