Video: Shocking Road Rage Incident in Moscow Caught on Camera

A dash cam recorded a road rage video in Moscow in which one driver purposely hits another driver, pining him between the two cars.

In the video you can see an older man gets out of his black Nissan to talk to the driver in the white BMW behind him. You can’t hear what he says, but before he can get back into his car the BMW driver takes off and slams the man between the two cars.

The BMW driver then gets out of his car just to make sure he didn’t damage it, and drives off. Meanwhile, the man who was hit is seen laying on the roadway. A few seconds later, someone helps him. You can also see a bunch of other cars slowing down to take a look at what’s going on and then carry on their way.

The video, uploaded to YouTube, is causing a public outrage. Police arrested the BMW driver who came to a police station in Moscow after the accident video went viral, according to Russian TV news station TV Zvezda. The aggressive driver stated he was deaf and mute in a written testimony. He couldn’t quite explain to the detectives why he did it, but refused to apologize to the victim, according to TV Zvezda.

The victim told Zvezda in an interview that he thought the BMW was following him so he wanted to ask the driver to stop. He told the driver he was in a hurry and apologized if he had done something wrong. Then the BMW driver hit him.

Doctors said the victim will have to undergo multiple surgeries on his legs due to this crash.