University of Akron’s New Campaign To Students

University of Akron’s New Motivation

The University of Akron is attempting a new campaign which is using an infomercial in order to motivate students to graduate college on time. The new campaign called F.I.T. (Finish In Time) will help motivate students in order to finish school in order to save money.

ABC News reports Wayne Hill, who is the vice president of marketing saying, “It’s a serious topic, but we wanted to do something to get the attention of the audience we were going to. We went for cheeky, not preachy.”

In an addition to these infomercials, “There was a 28 percent increase in first-time, full-time freshmen taking at least 15 credit hours this fall over the same period last school year.”

The video (seen below) attempts to highlight some of the important features to students as why it is imperative to graduate on time. The mock infomercial jokes with lines such as, “Additional side effects of Finish In Time include a heavy wallet, gobs of loose change, and additional cash to buy extremely large burritos.”