UF Accepts Students Into Online Program

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ Less than 10 percent of the students invited to take part in a new online program at the University of Florida have accepted the offer. But the 256 high school students who’ve enrolled will be guaranteed a spot at the university once they complete two semesters and at least 15 hours of online course work.

The Gainesville Sun reports 3,118 students were invited to sign up for the Pathways to Campus Enrollment program after their applications were rejected for regular admission. Provost Joe Glover says he’s pleased with the results since the program was rolled out at the last minute. With proper time to market the program, he’s hoping for a better turnout next year. PACE students get a 25 percent discount on tuition.

Officials say invites were sent in February at the same time it sent acceptance letters to 14,000 of 31,000 high school students who applied for the fall semester.