U.S. Formally Hands Over Bagram Prison to Afghanistan

The U.S. Military in Afghanistan handed over formal control of the U.S.-run prison in Kabul to Afghan Police this morning. President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai has called the transfer a victory for Afghan sovereignty. Although a smooth political exchange, a suicide bomber in the Northern city of Kunduz blew up 15 people and injured another 25, in protest to the Alliance between the U.S. and Afghanistan government. Governor Mohammad Anwar said the bomber was on foot and blew himself up next to a group of police officers. We are still not 100% sure if there were any U.S.  soldiers injured or not.

Handing over Responsibility of the prison is an essential part of our relationship, as we plan to do so with most of their institutions by 2014, when most foreign countries leave their country. The prison was built three years ago, and has been a problem ever sense. Although all detainees in the prison have not been handed over in their entirety, due to some disagreement, their should be resolvent soon and does not seem influential with the overall military operation.

SOURCE: Associated Press