Two Women On Kayaks Nearly Attacked By Shark

Two women off the coast of Plymouth, Massachusetts were nearly attacked by a great white shark while riding kayaks. The women were in their kayaks about 100 yards off shore at about 6:00 p.m. taking pictures of seals when the shark came up and bit a piece of one of their kayaks, sending them both into the water.

“They were up close and personal with the shark,” Fire Battalion chief Dean Deltorto told The Patriot Ledger.

The paper says that bite marks in the kayak lead experts to believe it was a great white shark that had decided to get a taste of the craft. Sharks typically bit their prey before full on attacking it. It helps them identify what the object is.

“The Division of Marine Fisheries was able to determine that it was a great white shark due to a tooth fragment and the bite radius,” Amy Mahler, spokeswoman for the Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, told the news organization.

It’s clear to see why these women had a scare with the shark. They hunt seals.