2 Unrelated Health Issues On Clearwater Beach

Two unrelated medical issues happened today around noon, the City of Clearwater Public Safety says.

A male individual fell unconscious in knee high water on Clearwater Beach between Tower 1 and Tower 2. Lifeguards responded to the individual and “rescue breathing” was started. CPR is performed when people are not breathing and have no pulse.

Rescue breathing is performed when there is a pulse but the individual has either not breathing or inadequately breathing.

Rescue breathing was performed for about ten minutes until paramedics arrived on scene. Police say it appears the incident was alcohol related.

The individual was transported to a local hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Unrelated, a minor female had a heat-related issue and passed out. She was treated on scene with cold packs and was taken out of the heat and sun. She was not transported.