Truth Behind Budget Deal Lies

Paul Ryan has yet to bang the gavel and we’re already getting John Boehner-like lies and spin from the presumed new Speaker of the House.

“What has been produced will go a long way toward relieving the uncertainty hanging over us, and that’s why I intend to support it. It’s time for us to turn the page on the last few years and get to work on a bold agenda that we can take to the American people,” Ryan said.

What a crock.

The latest budget fraud — and it is fraud because if these guys were running a private business this way, they’d be in jail — is being spun as something that’s good for the country. The budget deal ends “uncertainty” for three groups: Obama, because he receives unfettered spending in the final months of the most reckless, profligate, damaging presidential regime in American history, all the politicians in the House avoid a budget fight going into re-election years and the donors/lobbyists get all their goodies.

Nice, huh?

“We now have a GOP Congress, but no one watching this budget surrender would know it,” Senator Ted Cruz said. “For anyone wondering about the source of the American people’s volcanic frustration with Washington, one need look no further than so-called ‘Republican’ majorities in both houses of Congress increasing the budget and our debt by more than $400 billion. It’s ridiculous, deceitful, and a disgrace.”

What’s wrong with this budget deal you ask? Stop sounding like “an extremist” you say?

Are you okay with budget deals being brokered behind the scenes by a lame duck Speaker of the House and president?

Are you okay with none of this being brought before committee?

Are you okay with this being dropped in the middle of the night — one of their crafty little tricks — and leaving members just 48 hours to review the deal before voting?

Are you okay with there being a limited to no-debate window?

“I’m worried about how fast it’s moving,” Senator Jeff Sessions told Daily Caller. “I see no reason for that. Based on what I know now, it appears the president got whatever he wanted.”

Are you okay with this being locked in for two years?

Does the idea that they’re stealing money from the biggest part of Social Security — well, it’s the IOU’s in Social Security since the money was stolen a long time ago — to fund the disability side of the program, you know, the one laden with fraud?

Are you okay with the idea that this Social Security fund shift will hasten the demise of the program, which is due to implode in 18 years?

How about the idea that for every dollar you spend on the military, you have to spend the same amount on some domestic program — just as we’re on the brink of World War III?

How about the notion that two men — Boehner and Obama — can sit around and bypass all the representatives in
Congress — the people who supposedly work for us — and make these decisions? When did this turn into the Soviet Union?

“The deadline is artificial and can easily be pushed back with a short-term measure if needed.” Sessions told National Review. “Republicans should insist that any vote on spending caps or the debt ceiling be delayed until the House has chosen a new speaker — and until there has been a full conversation among our conference and, most importantly, our voters. There is no urgency to pass a two-year deal.”

The deadline is artificial indeed.

This notion that “government can’t be shut down” or the lie that the “government will default” has driven this absurd desire to stop debate and accountability for sake of “bi-partisanship” or go-along-to-get-along mindset. The people say they’re sick of the “bickering” and “gridlock”, but this is how things are supposed to function.

Ryan pretended to be perplexed about the Boehner deal. “This is not the way to do the people’s business,” Ryan said.

We, the American people agree with that.

“And under new management we are not going to do the people’s business this way. We are up against a deadline — ‘that’s unfortunate. But going forward we cant do the people’s business. As a conference we should’ve been meeting months ago to discuss these things to have a unified strategy going forward,” Ryan said.

So there’s the qualifier. There’s the loophole. Let us get this messy budget situation out of the way and spend recklessly for the next two years, destroy Social Security, forget about Planned Parenthood, Amnesty Funding or Obamacare for the time being — because of the deadline, you know — and then we’ll get back to being an opposition party.

Washington politicians literally think we’re that stupid. It’s insulting.

Here’s the kicker, updated today at 2:43 PM ET, Rush Limbaugh rightly points out that this budget deal will haunt the GOP in upcoming elections…combined with Amnesty, the GOP just seems hell-bent on its own destruction.

“So the idea that the Democrat Party and their nominee, most likely Hillary Clinton, pose a grave threat to this country’s future because of their runaway spending, their expansion of the welfare state, the expansion of the entitlement state, the creation of more and more dependents, we can’t say that anymore,” Limbaugh said on this nationally syndicated radio show. “A Republican presidential candidate is not saying that anymore. All the Democrats are gonna have to do is say, “Wait, wait, whoa, you’re accusing us of doing what?” And they just have to go back and cite this budget deal, which is coming up for a vote today.”