Tropical Storm Heading Toward U.S. Gulf Coast

tropical_storm_gulfA tropical storm is likely to form in the Gulf of Mexico over the next few days, according to a forecast from the National Hurricane Center.

Now just a cluster of thunderstorms over Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the hurricane center is giving the disturbance an 80% chance of developing into Tropical Storm Jerry within the next five days.

Once it forms, the storm is expected to wander around the Gulf for a while, and potentially could hit the U.S. Gulf Coast next week, according to some of the computer models that meteorologists use to forecast weather, says Weather Underground meteorologist Jeff Masters.

Regardless of its exact track, heavy rain from the system is likely to drench part of northeastern Mexico and the Texas coast this weekend, says AccuWeather meteorologist Alex Sosnowski. Flash floods are possible along the Texas coast, along with rough surf and strong rip currents, he adds.


Source: USA Today