Train Collides With Disabled Semi In Sumter County

A semi truck was struck by a train on US-301 in Sumter County Wednesday evening.

It happened around 6:47pm. The semi was traveing west on CR-104 and was crossing over the tracks in the area of US-301. The train was towing 130 cars and was traveling south on the train tracks in the area of CR-104. The semi stopped on the train tracks with the landing gear and towed trailer.

The train conductor, Vincent Voung Tran, saw the obstruction on the tracks and declared an emergency through his dispatch. Tran tried to stop to avoid hitting the semi but was unsuccessful.

As a result, the front of the train collided with the towed trailer of the semi. The train came to a final rest on the tracks facing south. The semi came to rest facing west at the area of collision. The trailer of the semi and it’s load of watermelon was completely destroyed in the crash.