Town Council Meeting Shooting Leaves Three Dead

Ross Township in rural Pennsylvania is the kind of place that, in the words of one county official, is “never in the newspaper.”

Monday night changed that — when police said a resident with a grudge rained hell at a town council meeting.

By the time he was subdued, Rockne Newell had fatally shot three people and wounded several others, police said.

Newell had a years-long feud over property rights with the township’s board of supervisors, the elected body that sets policies and laws for the community of 5,400.

Last year, a court ordered him to leave the property in Monroe County and later put it up for sale, the Pocono Record newspaper reported.

“If I lose this property, I have nowhere else to go,” he told the paper in June.

“What they’re doing to me, what they’ve been doing to me for so long, it’s wrong.”


Source: CNN