Top 5 Bizarre News Stories of the Week

Bizarre News of the Week


We hear about regular news on a daily basis, but how often do we report about bizarre news? After some research, I found some bizarre situations that have occurred this past week around the world.

5. Would you go the extra mile to save a duck? Here, the Telegraph posted a video with a montage of people stopping mid traffic in order to save ducks crossing dangerous roads.

4.  A small city in Poland called Tuszyn recently banned the Disney character Winnie-the-Pooh from a Playground due to being “poorly dressed” for children to see. UPI reports the controversy was stirred because the council in the town believe that Pooh bear is a hermaphrodite. One council member said, “”It doesn’t wear underpants because it doesn’t have a sex. It’s a hermaphrodite.” Poor Pooh bear! winnie-the-pooh

3. A company in Bath, England is creating a Bio-bus that will run completely on human and food waster. That’s right, a bus that is actually run by poo created by GENeco will begin their business by running the bus from Bath to the airport in Bristol, England. UPI reports, ” [the bus] takes the annual waste from about five people to create one tank of biomethane.” poop bus

2. Oxford dictionary releases the 2014 word of the year, vape. The definition is ‘A gap emerged in the lexicon, as a word was needed to describe this activity, and distinguish it from ‘smoking.” According to NPR, the other contenders for this year were words such as, bae, budtender, contactless, indyref, normcore, and slacktivism.

1. On channel Fox 25, the reporter is unaware of a drug deal that quickly occurs behind his back. The Telegraph reported the story with the video (seen below). The reporters anchors were seen laughing after they noticed the deal going on as well. You can even over hear one of them saying, “my God, that was a drug deal – arrest those men!”