Stay Safe: Tips For A Safe New Year’s Eve

Tips For A Safe New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest nights of the year. Whether you’re going to and from an event or a friend’s house, the roadways will be full. Here are some tips to keep in mind to have an all-around safe New Year’s Eve.

  • Transportation. Having planned transportation will not only help keep your safe, but keep your night enjoyable. Don’t wait until an hour before you need to leave to address transportation. Either reach out to a reliable person to be your designated driver or sign up for an uber driver. There are many ways to get to and from a party without putting yourself at risk, be sure to address that early on. There’s also nothing worse than having a great night only to realize you’re stuck without a way home. Plan out your transportation for the night before leaving your house.
  • Be a good host. If you’re going big this year and throwing your own New Year’s Eve party remember your guests come first. Be sure to serve plenty of food and have some nonalcoholic beverages available to guests that aren’t drinking or are the designated drivers. Make it a fun night for everyone. Make sure guests don’t drink too much leaving the host open to criminal or civil action if the guests leave your home. Be prepared for the overnight guests. There’s always that person who doesn’t plan out transportation and needs a place to crash. Have extra blankets and beds made up for those guests.
  • Pick a meet up spot. If you are going out on the town with friends, be sure to pick a meet up spot in case the group gets separated. Once drinking gets involved, no one likes having to track down the lost group member. Having a meet up spot is ideal to get everyone back together and home safe.
  • Firework safety. If you are setting off fireworks to bring in 2017, be sure to be up to date on firework safety. Fireworks that don’t have the “Class C-Common Fireworks” stamp are illegal if they explode or leave the ground. Be sure to have a bucket of water nearby to dispose of fireworks safely. There should always be a sober adult near as a designated shooter. Alcohol and fireworks mixed are dangerous. Only set off fireworks outside, never inside.

Remember these safety tips and have a fun, safe New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year’s from News Talk Florida.