Tiger Has Surgery To Remove Four Pound Hairball

CLEARWATER — It’s not a typical case of a cat with a hairball. The cat at BluePearl Veterinary animal hospital in Clearwater Wednesday weighs about 400 lbs – and its hairball had to be removed through surgery.

A 18-year-old tiger named ‘Ty’ went under the knife Wednesday at BluePearl Veterinary Partners specialty and emergency hospital in Clearwater. The hairball they removed was a whopping four pounds.

According to BluePearl, Ty was brought in Monday by Vernon Yates, founder of Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc., and Dr. Don Woodman, a local veterinarian who owns Animal Hospital of Northwood in Safety Harbor. The two said they were concerned because the tiger had not eaten for nearly two weeks.

Yates said Ty is his favorite big cat and he is willing to do anything to make it feel better.

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