Tiger and Rhinoceros Die at Zoo Miami

MIAMI (AP) _ A tiger and a rhinoceros have died at Zoo Miami.    Zoo officials say both animals died Monday.

First, a 12-year-old Malayan tiger named Tevy was found dead in its enclosure.

Later in the day, an Indian rhinoceros named Mohan had to be euthanized.

Zoo spokesman Ron Magill tells The Miami Herald (http://hrld.us/11dzwgz ) that Mohan’s health had been failing.

By Monday, the animal had trouble breathing and standing.

The rhino had been retired from public display for several years and was living in a quarantine area.

Magill says that 44-year-old Mohan was believed to be the oldest living Indian rhinoceros in captivity. Mohan had been at Zoo Miami since 1970.

There are three other Indian rhinos at the zoo.      ___