The Ellen Factor: How Pop Culture Will Determine Our Next President

By: Jim Watkins

The Ellen Factor

It is surprising to me that no one in the media seems to notice that one of the biggest influences for the next election will be Ellen Degeneres.

Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t like Ellen?

I can almost guarantee you that Ellen Degeneres will determine who our next president will be, and it will be Hillary Clinton.

Ellen has about 5 million viewers, and you can bet between now and November, Hillary will be making many appearances on her show. I can almost assure you Ellen will NOT be inviting Trump (nor do I think he would accept the invitation, and if he did show up, would probably say something horribly offensive, can you imagine?!)

Women love Ellen. Ellen Loves Hillary.

You can go through all of the data you want, but in the end, women determine presidents because of that small sliver of people who believe the president has to be likable to the masses. This became true after 1922 and it hasn’t changed since owing to the explosion of social media and instant communication. Bill Clinton, Al Gore (Bush won the electoral vote, not the popular vote), Obama, and now Clinton were all more likable than their opponents with the non-political crowd. Likability counts for everything.

While the former first lady is arguably not the most likable person on the plant, next to Trump, even the Elephant Man becomes more attractive.

Popular support is the strongest determinant in almost every societal event, including the way America chooses its president. Ellen, like her predecessor Oprah Winfrey have proven the power of popular media, and Ellen is America’s queen, both figuratively and literally.

Do you agree?