The Dali Unveiled by Director Hank Hine

The Executive Director of the Dali Museum took the time to come on Florida Tonight to discuss what the Museum has to offer. The visuals are not the only offerings, the facility puts on events in and all around it while involving themselves in the community.

Dr. Charles Henri Hine, also know as Hank, has been the Director of the Dalí Museum since
2002. Hank’s knowledge of Dali’s work is extensive and wonderfully interesting. He and Chris took time to discuss “The Edge” as an idea and statement, their community involvement, and some personal thoughts behind the doctor.  Take a listen to each segment and enjoy, we sure did.

Lincoln in Dalivision

“Never start with the head, start with the big toe”

Getting to know Dr. Hine:

[audio:820/0625HankHine1.mp3|titles=Hank Hine]

Getting to know the new building and Art:

[audio:820/0625HankHine2.mp3|titles=Hank Hine ]

Community thoughts and his favorite art:

[audio:820/0625HankHine3.mp3|titles=Hank Hine ]