Texting Could Be Aiding Teacher/Student Sexual Relations

Cases involving students and teachers having sexual relations are becoming more and more relevent, and texting could be one of the reasons for this.

Why? It is an easier form of access for teachers and students to have to communicate. In fact, a former U.S. education official believes it’s no coincidence that social media and texting seem to be present in a large number of these sex cases.

Terry Abbott, who was chief of staff at the Department of Education under President George W. Bush, says these types of teachers now have easy access to these students in private channels of communication. “I believe social media/text messaging is the game changer in this type of situation,’’ said Abbott.

Last year, Abbott said, the media reported on 781 ­teacher sex cases across the country, with texting or social media being involved in 38 percent of them. “We believe that number is well on the low side,” said Abbott. “We’re seeing it very often on a scary level.”

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