Texas Elementary School Students Forced To Drop Pants

In the small town of Gustine, Texas, which has a population of 457 people, elementary school students were forced to pull down their pants for inspection after feces was found on the gym floor.

“I felt uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to do it,” said 11-year-old Eliza Medina, according to WFAA. “I felt like they violated my privacy.”

Eliza’s mother, Maria Medina said that the girls were taken to one room, boys to another, and were told to “pull down their pants to check them to see if they could find anything.” There were about two dozen students subjected to this treatment.

According to Medina, teachers “have been finding poop on the gym floor.” But even so, she thinks it’s unreasonable that children should have be partially strip searched to find the problem.

Superintendent Ken Baugh said the school district does not condone this behavior. Eliza tried to protest but she was told she had to because all the other students had to.

She says instructors made the students drop their pants “like… to where your butt is.”

The superintendent is hoping to have this investigation done by Wednesday.