Teens Charged With Murder Body Found In Tub With Bleach

Two teenagers were arrested yesterday after a body was discovered in the hot tub of a Crystal River house. 17 year olds Bryan Robinson and Tyzick Wall have been charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery and grand theft. Deputies found the body at 595 N. Griffith Ave. after getting a tip about a deceased person on the property. They found a badly decomposed body in the back of the house in a hot tub. Bleach had been poured into the tub. The body is believed to be that of the homeowner, 54 year old Stephen Gorney. Deputies haven’t been able to positively identify the remains due to their poor condition. The body may have been there for as long as two to three weeks, deputies said. The victim was beaten to death before being dragged outside to the hot tub. Robinson and Wall are accused of going to the victim’s house at night, targeting him because they knew he had a lot of cash.