USF Students Want Bill Young’s Name Removed

TAMPA BAY – USF activist want the late Bill Young’s name removed from a building of the University.

“He is dead but that doesn’t excuse what he did,” states Crystal Wilson, a protester, as they accuse Young of being a homophobe.

They are so self absorbed that they aren’t interested in history. People can’t destroy history. They can’t rewrite history just because it doesn’t fit in their current worldview. We have to preserve the good along with the bad and if we become so myopic that we can’t acknowledge both then we are doomed to repeat it.

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By in large they are younger people with nothing going on. No jobs, no family, citizens of the world, not creative and nothing to focus on. So, they fill the blocks of time by turning on past local leaders that built the area they reside in.

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Real life is complicated and its possible to acknowledge a man that did great works and also was on the wrong side of history in some other areas.


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If you really want to make a difference go to a soup kitchen or go into a impoverished community and make a difference in peoples lives.

Liberal activists should focus on something like income inequality. Conservative activists should worry about the national debt but removing a mans name off a building doesn’t change anyones lives.

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