University Of South Florida Investigating Racist Threat

USF Police Are Investigating Racial, Threatening Graffiti

The University of South Florida made headlines again after racial slurs were written on dorm walls. Administrators and police are telling students they are safe despite the recent incident.

Officials say on one of the dorm walls a threat to kill Hillary Clinton if she had been elected president was written. The person behind the threats used a dry erase marker so no physical damage was done to the building. Because of the lack of physical damage police say there isn’t much they can do.

On Thursday USF President, Judy Genshaft, sent out an email to students:

Dear University of South Florida System Community:

I know each of us shares in the relief that the nation’s longest and most controversial campaign season is over, and it is my sincere hope that healing can now take place and we can move forward once again as a unified country.

Whether or not you agreed with the outcome, the University of South Florida System remains a special place where respectful expression of one’s beliefs is encouraged. Public universities, and particularly USF, play an integral role in moving our nation forward as a united – yet diverse – community.

University of South Florida was founded with the values of honoring and respecting each other’s diversity, ideas and beliefs. We serve as a model where all can share our perspectives in a civil, safe and positive manner. It is from enlightened and free exchange of ideas that the next experiment, discovery, and societal advance springs forth.

I am proud of USF’s commitment to improving the lives of others, wherever and whenever we can. Let us continue to celebrate the ideals and values that have made the University of South Florida the special place it is today and will continue to be for many more tomorrows.

Thank you.

Judy Genshaft
President, University of South Florida System

In the meantime USF Police have upped patrols around the affected areas. Ana Hernandez, USF’s vice president of housing and residental education, organized a meeting for students on Wednesday following the election. The meeting was to address student concerns and assure them the school is investigating and taking the threats seriously.

This is not the first time USF has had to deal with police activity. At the beginning of November a prankster was arrested after he allegedly robbed a pizza delivery man with a toy gun.